Hey folks, change is definitely in the air. After two and a half years, we're finally on the verge of getting to work opening the brewery. Plans are done, equipment has been ordered, we are in process with permitting. By early July we should be ready to start construction. Cool!

These are exciting times. But also a little bittersweet...

Some of you asked us if the Cool Store closing. Sadly, it is (Etelvina started letting folks know earlier this week). In some ways, we're just as bummed as you are to see it go. At the same time, we're thrilled that she was able to open a small food truck just down the street (Tacos y Mas, right behind Whisler's - go check it out!). We love it when locals find a way to keep being local.

We're also thrilled to have an opportunity to keep coolness flowing. After all: "Beer. Wine. Smokes. Peace." What could be cooler than that? Well, a brewery is not a bad option.

For right now, not much is going to change with the Cool Store. It'll stay pretty much as is, providing our grain handling / lab space, while we focus on turning the Bike Texas building into a killer brewhouse and taproom (wait till you see what we've got planned!). 

Down the road, though, we've got plans for the Cool Store space... Big plans. Cool plans. You see, if you want to do sours and wilds right (keeping your funky beers funky and your clean beers clean), it really helps to have a second building... and we've got one. So we see this space becoming headquarters for our spontaneous fermentations and barrel aging. Kind of a funky funk-works sort of space. 

It's not quite the same thing as the Cool Store, but it's pretty darn cool.

So here's to the Cool Store, and here's to what comes next! Sign up for updates if you'd like us to keep you in the loop...