The hardest thing about the yearslong process of planning and building a new neighborhood brewery isn’t quite what you would expect.

It definitely wasn’t what we imagined.

It isn’t finding the perfect location in the heart of one of the hottest real estate markets in the country.

It’s not the rigmarole and bureaucracy of a complex permitting process.

Nor is it finding a talented brewer who jives with your vision while having the experience and skills to build a world class brewing program from scratch.

The most surprising thing about chasing this crazy dream, and taking steps everyday to close in on making it a reality, is just how easy it is to forget why we are doing this.

With an ever-growing list of important tasks eager to consume every last second of every single day,  it’s become too easy to lose sight of our mission.

So, for us and our sanity (and the future success of the brewery), as things ratchet up to yet another level of intense around here, we are taking time to stop, step back and share life with you, our family, friends, fans and neighbors.

Please come share life with us next Wednesday, June 15th at 7:30 p.m. at the future, nay current, home of Lazarus Brewing Co. (1902 E. 6th St.) and taste a little bit of what is coming very, very soon.

Please RSVP now to this private event as the capacity will be very limited and we want to ensure we are able to meet you and better share the vision and next steps for what we are doing.  

This event is going to be a unique opportunity to learn more about the amazing space we are building in the very place it will be built out. To meet our team, learn more about how we are different and welcome new brewmaster Matt Couch to Austin.

Plus, we will be sharing a unique opportunity for you to partner with us on the final stretch of this journey and help open Austin’s newest neighborhood brewery.

Because without you, the dream of a neighborhood brewery where we can all come together to share life is just a that, a dream.

And while we know most breweries don’t open their doors for a party before construction starts, we are not most breweries.

And the poor old building has been dead and empty for too long. So before we get in there and resurrect it over the next few months to make it the amazing space you deserve, we need you to help us breathe a life back into the bones.

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