Holy Mother of God (Belgian Barleywine, 8 oz. @ 11.2%) - New!

Blasphemy, or divine inspiration? All we know for sure is that this is one incredible beer: the Ardennes yeast creates intense aromas of stone fruit, apricot, and banana in the nose, then transitions to peach, pear, and chocolate on the palette. Rich & complex!

Signs & Wonders (Robust Porter, 12 oz. @ 7.3%)

Rich layers of molasses and cacao married with biscuity roast and just the right amount of alcohol make this a perfect winter beer. Think of it as 310 gallons of “manna from heaven”, just waiting to fill your glass with hope and cheer! 

40 Days & 40 Nights (American IPA, 16 oz. @ 6.8%) - It's Back!

This is our “desert island” beer. If we were lost in the wilderness, with only one beer to drink for the rest of our life, this would be it. Gigantic, thirst quenching hoppy goodness. This one will have you going to the well again and again.

20 Pound Brown (India Brown Ale, 16 oz. @ 6.5%)

Back home in Montana, the big browns spawn in November. To catch them, you need to be waist deep in the river by 4 AM, even if it’s snowing. You just might land the fish of your life. Or get skunked. But either way, you’ll never forget it – just like this beer!

ShacklEton EPB (English Premium Bitter, 20 oz. @ 5.0%)

Another classic English beer, in honor of a famous British explorer – after his ship was swallowed by ice while attempting to reach the South Pole, Sir Earnest Shackleton embarked on one of the greatest open ocean journeys known to man to save his crew (the story is on those book shelves!) This is a beer for parched adventurers, both then and now. 

King Frank (Franconian Lager, 20 oz. @ 4.9%) - New!

Meet the King – a smooth, rich Franconian Lager that will remind you of fresh grain, toasted crackers, and just the right amount of spiciness. Regal, yet down to earth. The perfect beer for a fine spring afternoon on the patio!

Naked Sapphire (Single Hop German Pils, 20 oz. @ 4.7%) - New!

They say Pilsners are notoriously unforgiving, because there’s nothing to hide the flaws. We think this one is a gem – Saphir hops provide fresh watermelon rind in the nose, followed by cucumber, citrus, and hints of sage on the palette.

Golden Phoenix (Golden Ale, 16 oz. @ 4.2%) - New!

A classic Golden ale built on Maris Otter and Flaked Barley, then hopped with just enough Phoenix and Cascade to create a clean drinking beer with hints of oatmeal, granola and coconut. Crisp and dry.

Jolted Phoenix (Coffee Infused Golden Ale, 16 oz. @ 4.2%) - New!

We took 7.5 pounds of Marilyn’s house roasted Costa Rican and infused it into our Golden Phoenix. The results are amazing – you don’t just taste coffee; you can actually pick up the regional character of the beans: a chocolate, nutty, earthiness that starts in the nose and carries all the way through to the finish. Intriguingly complex.

Achilles Heel (Dry Stout, 20 oz. @ 4.0%)

Meet Achilles, a legendary armored elk who roamed the Beartooth Mountains until we recruited him to keep watch over our taproom. If every warrior has a weakness, this one could be his – a drinkable dry stout, served on Nitro and loaded with roasty chocolate and hints of biscuit. Like Guinness, but better!



St. Amandus was a Belgian monk famous for his hospitality: he became the patron saint of brewers, bartenders, and innkeepers. With hints of banana, pear, and cloves, this beer is our toast to a great man in a great region! 


You’re going to love this beer (whether you like it or not!). Loaded with Centennial, Simcoe, and Citra hops, this beer simply oozes grapefruit and citrus, with a touch of pine and nice graininess. Bet you can't drink just one!


We also have a great wine menu, a full espresso bar, plus a full kitchen that is dishing out some of the best street Mex you've ever tasted. We're kid friendly, pet friendly (on the patio!), and we have a pretty cool space. We look forward to sharing it with you and hope you will stop in soon!