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East of Eden (Farmhouse Style Saison with Nectarines, 8.0%) 

The first beer from our Cool Store foedres – a generous Farmhouse Style Saison, brewed with Texas malt, French hops, wild yeast, & local nectarines. It reminds us of earthy orchards, sunny afternoons, ripened fruit, with just a touch of oak!

Exodus (Barrel Aged Wild Ale with Peaches, 8.5%)

An easy drinking American Wild Ale that tips its hat to the Mexican heartland. Remarkably balanced, with flavors of vanilla, agave, and stone fruit. Handcrafted with Texas malts, local peaches, Missouri oak foeders, & six Suerte Tequila barrels. Just 500 bottles – when they’re gone, they’re gone!


amandus (strong belgian golden ale, 9.0%)

St. Amandus was a Belgian monk famous for his hospitality: he became the patron saint of brewers, bartenders, and innkeepers. With hints of banana, pear, and cloves, this beer is our toast to a great man in a great beer-making region!

double predestination (double ipa, 9.0%)

You'll love this beer (whether you like it or not!). Loaded with Centnnial, Simcoe, and Citra hops, this beer simply oozes grapefruit and citrus, with a touch of pine and nice graininess. 

40 days and 40 nights (american ipa, 7.5%) 

This is our “desert island” beer. If we were lost in the wilderness, with only one beer to drink for the rest of our life, this would be it. Gigantic, thirst quenching hoppy goodness. This one will have you going to the well again and again.

despereaux (french saison, 6.3%)

Saisons were first brewed for thirsty farmhands toiling in the rural French countryside. Pale and crisp, with spicy undertones - we hop ours with Melon & Blanc for layers of honeydew, peaches, and mango. Here’s to unlikely heroes in unexpected places (and a really great book about a mouse that mattered). Brilliantly refreshing!

batch 200 (prickly pear sour ale, 5.6%)

We wanted something special for our 200th batch. So we combined Blacklands malt and local fresh hops with Texas prickly pear cactus and an experimental yeast strain that produces naturally sour beer. The result is crisp, dry and utterly unique; pours rich brown in color, with flavors of sour apple, intense cranberry and tart grape.

prodigal pils (german pilsner, 5.2%)

Here’s to the prodigal in all of us - a lavish, extravagant German Pilsner hopped with Tettnanger, Hallertauer, Spalt, & Saphir: for a beer that’s crisp, dry, immensely refreshing.

kovenant kolsch (german kolsch, 5.0%)

Tilting in a more traditional direction, this version pairs rich German malts with classic German hops. Light and refreshing, pours like gold and tastes like heaven - with toasty grains, and just a hint of cracked pepper.

shackleton (english premium bitter, 5.0%)

An English classic: when his ship was swallowed by sea ice while seeking to reach the South Pole, Sir Earnest Shackleton set out in a life boat and sailed across open ocean in order to save his crew. A beer for parched adventurers, both then and now!

Jolted Phoenix (Coffee Infused Golden Ale, 4.6%)

Jolted is back! We infuse 18 pounds of house roasted Costa Rican into an elegant golden ale hopped with Phoenix. The results are as epic as the legendary bird: dark chocolate, creamy vanilla, toasted almonds, with rich coffee flavors throughout.

Achilles Heel (Dry Stout [Nitro], 3.6%)

Meet Achilles, the legendary armored elk who roamed the Beartooth Mountains in Montana until we recruited him to keep watch over our taproom. If every warrior has a weakness, this one could be his – a drinkable dry stout, served on Nitro!

Virgin Mary (Rootbeer, 16 oz. @ 0.0%)

Yep, we finally perfected our house rootbeer – an American classic, made from scratch, all natural ingredients, 100% delicious. Perfect for the little kid in all of us!


We also have a great wine menu, a full espresso bar, plus a sweet kitchen dishing out some of the best street Mex you've ever tasted. We have killer swag. We're kid friendly, dog friendly (on the patio!), and we love sharing life with friends. 

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