The Patron Saint Glass

One-of-a-kind Glass + Free Beer for Life. Plus you can help us Launch a Brewery in the heart of East Austin. Now that's a crowdfunding offer you can drink to!

Go On, Patronize Us!

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Whoever drinks beer, is quick to sleep; whoever sleeps long, does not sin; whoever does not sin, enters Heaven! Therefore, let us drink beer!
— Martin Luther

Here's The Deal

At it's heart, Lazarus Brewing is about friends going on adventures together. Sharing Life. We never dreamt it would be this hard or take this long. Or that it could be this rewarding. But now we've finally made it. 

Let's do something special, we said. Let's give folks a chance to join us in this journey...

So we set out to create a custom glass. And to revive an old idea.

We started by going back: to 13th century Europe, where thirsty pilgrims would still share a pint out of two handled "pass cups". We spun that vision forward: imagining a 21st century version to delight the most passionate beer lovers. Then we found Treg Silkwood, a world class glass blower with the skills to bring it to life. The rest is history, or soon will be. 

We've commissioned a one time, limited edition offering of 300 glasses. Each glass is crafted by hand, one at a time. That sexy insignia is real gold leaf. Individually numbered, engraved with your name. We will keep it at the brewery for you, or ship it to your home. Either way, you are a Patron Saint of Lazarus Brewing. And every time you walk through our doors, your first drink is on us. Forever. 

It's Free Beer For Life, and it's our way of saying thanks. 

What's the Money For?

See the old Cool Store next door? That's our next project - to create production space for a robust barrel aging program: think sours, wilds, and all sorts of funky goodness. We also intend to start bottling high gravity special releases. And we just purchased a coffee roaster. You could think of it as our mad scientist laboratory.

But first we've got to address some serious structural problems. The Patron Saint program is how we plan on funding that revitalization. We need your help to make it happen!

What are you waiting for?

Tell Me More!

Q: what exactly do I get?

As a Patron Saint, you get a hand crafted, one-of-a-kind custom glass with your name and number on it (basically just one of the most amazing beer glasses on the face of the planet). You are also entitled to one free drink per day at our space, forever. Plus you get "first dibs" on private parties, special events, and limited edition releases.

Think of it as our take on "friends with benefits". :-)

As if that weren't enough, you also get the profound satisfaction of being there from Day One: you're a founder, a patron, one of the lucky few in the right place at the right time. And you get the chance to make a mark. After all, we're creating an old-world brewery in new-world Austin. Ambitious? Heck yes! But also pretty cool. And you could be a part of it.

Q: How Many Glasses?

We're making 300 glasses exclusively for Patron Saints. That might not sound like much, but it'll be 4+ months of Treg's life, so get 'em while you can! 

Q: Is every glass identical?

Our Patron Saint glasses are 100% made by hand. That means every glass will have minor variations and nuances (think of it as character); each one will be unique! But every glass is a masterpiece. We guarantee you will love yours or we'll make it right.

Q: Why two handles?

Back in the 13th century, friends still got together to drink out of two handled "pass cups". We thought this was an idea worth resurrecting - after all, our mission is to "Share Life". The result, however, is a 21st century glass that is unlike anything we've ever seen.

Q: just one beer per day?

State law in Texas allows us to give away one free beer per day per patron. So we thought: Let's do that every day for the rest of your life! Which is pretty cool.

(You can still drink more than one beer per day - you just have to pay for them!)

Q: What about coffee?

As a Patron Saint you are entitled to one free drink per day - beer, coffee or tea. So just in case you feel like changing it up, we've still got you covered. 


Sure, it's called a credit card: just swipe your card, pay it off over time. Brilliant!

Q: Can you keep my glass At the brewery?

Absolutely. These glasses may be works of art, but they are meant to be used. So we will gladly store your chalice at the brewery for you, like a faithful steed awaiting your arrival. Imagine the thrill of popping in for your daily pint (free!) in a glass like this. Better yet, imagine what all your friends (who didn't get one!) will think! Priceless...

Q: can you ship my glass to me?

Not everyone lives in Austin. So we can also ship your glass to you, for you to display on your mantel or show it off to friends. Rest assured, it will still drink like a champion no matter what you fill it with. Plus your first beer is still on us when you visit in person!

Q: WHAT if my glass is lost, broken or stolen?

We understand that accidents happen. We want you to enjoy your glass decades to come. So if your glass is lost, broken, or stolen, we can commission a replacement (as long as our glass blower is still alive). However, we can only replace glasses kept at the brewery under our supervision; if you elect to have your glass shipped to you, it is irreplaceable.

Q: WHAT is the replacement cost?

$150 + shipping. (Yep, they really are that expensive; no wonder most breweries just buy their "fancy glasses" in China. But hey, we think you're worth it!).

If your glass is lost or broken while you are using it at the brewery, you bear the replacement cost. If it happens on our watch, we will cover it for you. 


Unfortunately, Patron Saint privileges are exclusive - only the person whose name is on the glass is entitled to use it. However, we have a solution:

  1. Encourage your friend to buy his own glass (He'll thank you forever!)
  2. Buy a COMPANION glass - any friend who comes in with you gets to be a temporary Patron Saint (Woo hoo!)


Think about your friends who are artists, musicians, social workers, or pastors... these people work hard to enrich the lives of others; they often make very little themselves. Wouldn't it be cool to buy them a beer... every day... for the rest of their life?

Now you're thinking like a Patron Saint! This is what sharing life is all about. 

Q: What if I move?

You are always welcome to take your glass as a keepsake of your adventures. Just remember: once it leaves the brewery, it can never be replaced!  

Q: Are my privileges transferable?

Not without permission of Lazarus Brewing. If you're thinking about selling it on EBay: Forget it! But if you'd like to pass it on to your kids or sell it to a friend: let's talk!

Q: Is there any fine print?

There always is. As a Patron Saint, you're an ambassador of Lazarus Brewing ("With much power comes great responsibility!" Like: don't drink and drive!) You can read it all here

Help us Cross the Finish Line!

How Can I Help?

We're so glad you asked! Obviously, we hope you'll want to be a Patron Saint. But successful crowdfunding campaigns live or die by friends telling friends.

Help us spread the word:

  1. Tell your Friends & Family - Personal introductions go a long ways. 
  2. Make noise on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter - if you tag us and link to this page, you could win a Patron Saint glass for FREE!*
  3. Let's Keep it Local - Sure we can ship glasses, but Lazarus is located in East Austin, so let's work hard to make sure our neighbors get a crack at this too! If you know people, businesses, or networks that live / work on the East Side, would you please reach out to them on our behalf?

The link to share is http://www.lazarusbrewing.com/patron-saints

Go Team, Go!

*NB: Odds of winning a Free Patron Saint glass depend on the number of people who share a link to the video or to this website on social media. We must know about your share in order to be able to enter you to win (we try to acknowledge them online - if you want to make sure we saw your post and entered you to win, please tell us).  Giveaways occur when we sell Patron Saint glasses #150, 200 and 250. Limit one entry per pool, regardless of social media shares. Winners shall be selected randomly from the pool of entrants, and shall receive a Patron Saint glass + Free Beer For Life for free. Winners might be liable for any taxes associated with winning (consult your tax advisor). If a winner has already purchased a Patron Saint glass, they will receive an additional Companion glass for free. Pools reset to empty after each giveaway, so it is advantageous to keep sharing.

Giveaway program expires 4/1/2017. All outstanding entries expire as of this date, even if we have not reached all giveaway milestones.